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Small talks about my experience and journey in Software Development and the things I would like to share and excited to talk with you.

Storybook Integration

Storybook is a tool for UI development. It makes development faster and easier by isolating components. This allows you to work on one component at a time.

Audit your application packages

Recently I've been tasked to audit our npm packages which could introduce vulnerabilities.

React Redux hooks API is out

React is moving towards using Hooks and that is a good thing moving forward. Hooks are perfect for function based components and it makes the code much more compact and and easier to read and work with.

Webpack 4 Optimization Tips

Saving up few precious seconds of your development time as well as for your users in production can be a tricky business.

Setup a Server-rendering App with Next.JS + Typescript

Server-side rendering is an approach which the webserver pre-renders the JS application and serves a parsed DOM to the client, which then “hydrates” the DOM with state.

Someday you will solve it

I just got a wonderful day today because finally I was able to solve a problem I thought would be impossible to solve.